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Here at Greenpeace, we love tuna.

But until the tuna industry stops destroying our oceans, we have to Think Outside The Can and explore alternatives to our favorite tuna recipes.

So we're asking food bloggers from across the country to help us find the best tuna-free alternatives to classic tuna recipes for our inaugural Greenpeace Think Outside the Can recipe contest!

We've even enlisted the help of top chefs and foodies to help us, including Sarah Kramer, How It All Vegan, Jaden Hair, Steamy Kitchen, Shaina Olmanson, Food for My Family, Jerry James Stone, Treehugger and Adrienne Ford, delicious nutrition.

Together, we're going to find the ultimate vegan tuna salad recipe, discover the perfect wild salmon melt, and track down the best vegetarian tuna casserole.

Want to help? Post your recipe on your blog and enter it in the Think Outside the Can contest! After all, it’s creative, conscious consumers like you that will ultimately save our oceans.

The first-place winner in each category will win a $250 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma, and the second place winner in each category will receive a $50 gift certificate.

You can enter your recipe into one of three categories:

The Daily Gourmet: Family friendly meals on a budget, judged a panel of writers, bloggers, and chefs, including Shaina Olmanson of

The Veggie: Alternative recipes for non meat-eaters, judged by a panel including Sarah Kramer of How It All Vegan and nutritionist Adrienne Ford.

The Foodie: Recipes for the epicureans who want to get everything exactly right, judged by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, among others.

Canned tuna is an affordable source of protein that many families depend on. But if companies like Chicken of the Sea don't change the way they're fishing for tuna today, we will lose the ocean ecosystems they depend on, and scarcity will cause the price to skyrocket tomorrow.

The industry’s push for unsustainable canned tuna has left many species on the brink of extinction. Overfishing runs rampant across the globe, and countless animals such as sharks, turtles, rays, and many kinds of juvenile fish are killed every year by the global tuna industry.

Until the industry changes its ways, we have to look to sustainable tuna options, and tuna-free versions of our favorites. We know it’s possible! The UK and Italian markets have already committed to sustainable tuna, so it’s just going to take a little more effort from everyone committed to healthy oceans for the change to come home.

Enter into our contest now to help show what's possible without destructive tuna fishing!

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